donwload filezilla download filezilla client donwload filezilla download latest filezilla download filezilla client download filezilla 3.2 download filezilla for windows download filezilla 64 bit download filezilla vista download filezilla exe download filezilla ftp software New - Eagle Antennas 10m 2 ele Moxon.

5.98dBi Gain, 38 dB f/b ratio. Very small profile, just 3.8 X 1.52m,  and easily dismantled for portable use.

Optional balun available at 15.

I had a play with it on other bands yesterday and found it loaded up on 24mhz, 21mhz,18mhz, 14mhz, 10mhz 7mhz and 3.5mhz with the internal tuner of the ic7400. Adds a bit of value to it in my book as it looks like an old vhf tv broadcast antenna and can be a good single antenna option for keeping neighbours happy - Steve GW0GEI. (Also a happy user of our 10M5 monoband 10M yagi).