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All prices include UK VAT, but not shipping.

Model                         Description                                                                                                            Price

MonstIR           4-Element Yagi, 40M – 6M, with Controller                                                                    £5499

4L-HF             4-Element Yagi, 20M – 6M, with Controller                                                                     £2499

3L-HF             3-Element Yagi, 20M – 6M, with Controller                                                                       £1499

2L-HF             2-Element Yagi, 20M – 6M, with Controller                                                                          £1199

4L + 40/30      4-Element Yagi  40M -  6M (dipole on 40&30) with Controller                                              £2799

3L + 40/30      3-Element Yagi  40M -  6M (dipole on 40&30) with Controller                                             £2099

2L + 40/30      2-Element Yagi  40M -  6M (dipole on 40&30) with Controller                                              £1499


Dipole              Single Element, 20M-6M, with Controller                                                                                 £849

40M Dipole      Single Shortened Element, 40M – 6M, with Controller                                                              £999

BiggIR MkIII   Vertical, 40M – 6M, with Controller                                                                                         £879

Small IR           Vertical, 20M – 6M, with Controller                                                                                         £769


D-2L                Convert 20M - 6M Dipole to 2-Element Yagi, KIT                                                               £ phone

D-3L                Convert 20M - 6M Dipole to 3-Element Yagi, KIT                                                               £phone

2L-3L              Convert 2-Element 20M - 6M Yagi to 3-Element Yagi, KIT                                                  £phone

3L-4L              Convert 3-Element 20M - 6M Yagi to 4-Element Yagi, KIT                                                  £phone

FW-U              Firmware Upgrade to latest version                                                                                         £20

PS33-U           Power Supply Upgrade, 33V (needed if controller cable exceeds 200 feet)                              £70

N-Conn           N-Connector (instead of standard UHF – SO-239)                                                                 £10

40M DE           Upgrade Driven Element to Shortened 40M-6M, on 2L, 3L, or 4L Yagis

                                                                                                Ordered as Retrofit KIT                               £phone

                                                            Ordered with new Yagi purchase – see above  

BiggIR-U         Upgrade original BiggIR to MkII   (allows 1500W with 80M Coil Option

 - requires return of lower section to us. Does not include shipping costs)                                                         £75


80M                 80M Coil Option, for BiggIR (500W) or BiggIR MkII (1500W)                                           £phone

2/3L-6M          Passive 6M Add-on Element (1), for 2L or 3L Yagi                                                              £ 69

4L-6M             Passive 6M Add-on Elements (2) for    4-Element or MonstIR Yagi                                     £129

M-6M             Passive 6M Add-on Elements (2) for MonstirYagi                                                                                                                                                  £129

Interface           Solder-in Board, Interface Controller to Radio, incl. Radio Cable (R-Cable)                           £60

R-Cable           Extra Radio Cable, Interface to Radio (see list of radios supported)                                        £10

Y-Cable           Allows connection of Controller Interface PLUS Computer to Radio                                      £30

U-Balun           Balun with UHF (SO-239) Connector                                                                                    £40

N-Balun           Balun with N Connector                                                                                                         £50

Krylon            Krylon 01305 anti-UV spray – for prolonging life of fiberglass ele

                       poles. One can is sufficient for 8 yagi poles                                                                            £12                                                                                                                     

LP-1               Lightning / static protector /arrestor for up to 16 conductors                                                   £80


GP18               18 foot Fiberglas Element Pole (fits 20M-6M 2L, 3L, 4L, Small IR                                      £40

GP25               25 foot Fiberglas Element Pole (fits BiggIR)                                                                        £100

PS24                Power Supply 24V (Standard)                                                                                           £35

PS33                Power Supply 33V (use if controller cable exceeds 175 feet)                                              £60

DE20-6            Driven Element Motor (EHU), 20M - 6M                                                                         £350

PE20-6            Passive Element Motor (EHU), 20M - 6M                                                                         £325

Cont D/3L        Controller, for 20M - 6M Dipole, 2L, 3L, BiggIR-MkII, Small-IR                                     £350

Cont M            Controller, for 20M-6M 4L, 40M – 6M MonstIR                                                              £350

New DB-100 controllers - various options - please phone for prices.



This permits antenna-end cable installation with plug and socket system rather than standard SteppIR wiring box. All components are to IP66. NB- no control cable is included in the QD system price. The verticals and dipole include a Quick-Disconnect system. If you wish to build your own QD system from proven components we do kits as below.


QD-2               for 2 element yagis.                                                                                                               £75

QD-3               for 3 element yagis                                                                                                                £85

QD-4/M          for 4 element yagis and MonstIR                                                                                            £95

QD-2K            Kit for 2 ele. Includes plugs, sockets, gland and drilled box.                                                   £50

QD-3K            Kit for 3 ele. Includes plugs, sockets, gland and drilled box.                                                   £65

QD-4/MK       Kit for 4 ele and MonstIR. Includes plugs, sockets, gland and drilled box.                              £70



CONTROLLER CABLE - available per metre


4- conductor is for dipole, BigIR, and SmallIR – price £ 0.70/m

12- conductor is for 2 and 3 el yagi and for the BigIR with 80m coil – price £1.30/m

16 - conductor is for MonstIR and 4 el yagi. – price £2.50/m


We are sorry about the high price of the 16-core cable. We can only get it from the USA and it is extremely heavy, and costly to ship.


Over 50m / 175ft the 33V PSU is required. We can fit the DB-25 connector to the cable end at a nominal charge if you wish.