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Above graph shows a run of the 40/80m trap dipole at GW3YDX, when passed through the low pass filter of an Expert 1k-FA, with the amplifier set to 80m. The AIM4170 run shows the resonant frequency of the dipole (3500KHz as required) and the excellent performance of the Expert LPF.

The versatility of the analyser is quite incredible. A skilful user of the instrument is Ian Wade G3NRW, who has delivered many interesting presentations about the instrument. Ian's work may be found at

Please visit the "AIM4170 PowerPoint Presentation". Ian's excellent presentation covers the following areas.
The most interesting application we have seen is the scan of the impedance variations on an open-wire transmission line plotted against trees and other objects in a garden. An image follows.




Here is a user comment, which just goes to show what excellent value the AIM-4170 really is


Please find attached a comparison of results from the AIM4170 and an Agilent E8801A network analyser which cost around 35,000. The Agilent was calibrated to the end of the measuring cable using an E-Cal device. The AIM was calibrated to the end of the same piece of cable using an Agilent calibration kit using open, short and load. The E-Cal device is connected to the HP analyser via its usb port and has all the parameters of perfect load, short and open circuit. This allows the analyser to compute the differences between what it measures and what it should be measuring and apply the correction.


I find it amazing that when we look at the Smith Chart values of Rs and Xs, that we have a very close match in the values measured. The AIM is really a superb piece of kit.
Regards Mike G3YPE


The AIM4170 analyser is a revelation. As someone who has been used to bulky professional network analysers costing thousands, I am simply amazed at the performance and accuracy of this little device. It is so thoroughly useful that it surely qualifies as an absolute 'must have' item of test equipment. (Colin - G3SPJ)



The AIM-4270 was reviewed in the July 2007 "Radcom". This is a summary of what reviewer Chris Lorek said

"I was impressed with the AIM-4170, and checking its performance against a hardware-based calibrated RF network analyser showed no discernible differences in measurement across the operational range. The only difference was that the AIM-4170 was rather more portable...... I was very happy indeed in using the AIM-4170, so much so that I purchased it at full price following the review........"

We have had many, many more reports reflecting the comments above. Unfortunately we have had to raise the price of the unit to reflect a producer price increase, but compared to the other offerings on the market, the AIM-4170 gives professional measurement accuracy at a very reasonable cost.


We are pleased to be appointed sole UK and Eire distributor for the excellent AIM 4170 RF analyser system

Note re picture above - A RS232 9-pin serial lead is included in the analyser, and a power supply lead. USB/serial converter leads and mains power supplies are optional extras.

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