We might as well leave these on our website.  The comments from these customers are largely what has kept us going these past few years. With our sensible pricing we were never going to get rich from this. We leave others to do that, but I wonder how they sleep nights the way they shaft the UK ham......



We've had these compliments stored on the PC for ages, and felt today that website visitors might like to know how proud we are to have these nice words said about us. We have a simple service philosophy. "Do to others as you would wish others to do to you"

Why is it so VERY RARE in suppliers of equipment for our hobby ? Others could learn much from it.

You always came out as the best deal, and no matter what always came back and helped. Not all come down to price you know...Service like You have provided beats any price. (Hugo Storesund LA4WKA when we told him about closure of the company.


  Well, Received my acom1010 just over week ago and am over the moon with the amp. Excellent tuning of TRI. it takes about 5-10 seconds to tune. Thanks very much  for your very good services and support

ROY  G0OYZ, March UK

Antenna and pro-sistel working great!!! Thanks for the very good support end quick delivery.

73 - Kurt ON8KW


What a completely professional approach from Vinecom after my dealings with ** & **! They replied within the hour and quoted a much lower price than **&**. I  phoned up **&**yesterday and the guy I spoke to didnít seem that interested! He told me to ring today, which I did this morning. I left a message for XXXXX the sales manager and was told he would ring me back. After not receiving any call back I phoned again later in the day. The same receptionist told me she had delivered the message. I told her that if he didnít contact me back then I assumed that **&** were not interested in my business.

 Up until this point in time I have not had any reply from **&**! now compare that with Ron Stone; within one hour of an email he is right back to me and giving solid advice as Ron always does. Both Rob G3RCE and I have dealt with Ron Stone previously; Ron gives an efficient service and offers solid advice on his products.

 Back in 2001, I bought an expensive Alpha 99 linear amplifier from Vine. They went to the trouble of testing it out for me prior to delivery; this involved fitting a heavy transformer which was a separate unit. It came with power measurements he had made and settings for tune and load. The amplifier gave me good service until I sold it at the end of my stay in New Zealand.

 I am appalled at the poor service I have experienced today from **and**. I would strongly advise any of you to deal with Ron Stone at Vinecom; you can always be sure of impartial and solid advice from someone who is an active amateur and knows his products.

Vince Lear G3TKN / ZL1VL

Again, very many thanks for your support, guidance and assistance and as many people have said on various forums including 'EHam', your customer support is beyond reproach and in the best traditions of the hobby. Bill - GM4ZNC

"Vine does not need an ISO9001 certificate! After sales service is outstanding!" Kind regards, Kees Nijdam, PE5T (ex PA0CLN)

We have to comment on this. We do not intend to seek ISO9001 registration. Frequently "ISO9001 registration" is used as a cloth to cover serious deficiencies in customer service and support. Do not imagine for a moment that "ISO9001 registration" will give you a good deal, or that an "ISO9001 registered company" is automatically worthy of respect. Ron Stone, MD of Vine Antennas, was a Quality Systems auditor for a number of years and was frequently horrified to find "Tick the box" Quality Systems that had been put in place just to satisfy a company's desire to look good, but which were in fact useless as far as corrective action and systems improvement were concerned. ISO9001 registration and ongoing compliance is also a costly exercise. You the customer will pay for that in higher prices. We will continue to do what we have always done. We will bring you the best and look after you. No "ISO9001 registered company" and no bullshit!!!

May I just say that I am deeply impressed by your continued support throughout my transaction of a 2 element Steppir with 40/30m trombone. This antenna is without doubt the best antenna I have purchased to date. I thank you unreservedly for your continued help & kindness, something that many UK companies could only try to aspire.
Thank you
Kindest regards
Mr M Hardingham (m0zmx)

Its nice to know there are still honest dealers!! and you certainly are one of the few . Please feel free to use this in your customer comments. I think people should know and and have confidence to deal with such a honest company. Thank you - Kind regards .   
John G0TIY 

We think it is very sad that what we consider normal service is remarkable to customers. We will continue to serve our customers well. We will NOT register for ISO9001. We will NOT spend thousands on glossy adverts and skimp on service. There's only one person that pays for all that. YOU - Mr Customer!

Thank you for your help with the rotator - your information and help saved me a lot of money. You have all ways been very helpful with all the beams I have purchased   from you over the years and your back up service is second to none. I will always give you a call on any other future purchases.

Richard G0BLB 

I received the ic-2820 yesterday and been playing around with it a bit, fantastic machine, really pleased and no problems as usual.
Just wanted to thank you for the good service (and price), I will be looking forward to do more deals with you again, needless to say I made some comments on the Swedish ham forums about your superb service ! Wish you all well Per/SA6ADJ

The service and advice that you provided was excellent, and this just goes to reinforce your reputation as being a trusted source for both equipment and advice. Many thanks - Jason Gower M0MGF

I just smashed the pileup of JAs who were calling 3D2WW on 20M. Got through on the 3rd call with the L-4B on low power, so no great QRO. I have *never* had that sort of performance before. (3 ele SteppIR at G3XAQ)

I don't think anyone can beat the service from Vine Antennas in the UK. I ordered my 3L Steppir from Ron, GW3YDX, a couple of weeks ago by telephone and within 24 hours I was starting to assemble it. (The order was placed about 2.30pm and the antenna arrived about 10.30am the following morning.) I live about 200 miles away from Vine Antennas. The antenna went together without any problems and I put it up at 55 feet on my tower just in time for the bad gales that swept across the UK last week. Needless to say the Steppir came through the 70/80mph winds unscathed. Although it is very difficult to compare it with the two element quad that I had up previously (that came down in the previous gales), I have the feeling it is working better. The 180 degree and bi-directional options are marvellous. Well done and thank you to Steppir and Vine Antennas.

73 de Chris, G4BUE
(3 ele SteppIR)

I live on a very stormy location, The Faroe Islands, and have four guys from the same point on my Big Steppir, and it have survived wind speed up to 120 mile. pr. hour. Iīm using guys that is a little thinner than flag lines, and that is ok. Started out with fish lines, but they stretch in the wind and get too long, and that can be a problem in a heavy storm, the antenna get unstable. The Steppir vertical is the strongest antenna I have had, super quality.

Otto/OY9R (BigIR)

I would just like to say, (something owners already will know) how very impressed I am with this antenna, the F/B is tremendous and the design and construction is very good too. It took me longer than most to construct it due to a disability, (Spinal injury) but the wait was absolutely worth it. I found all the parts light enough to be able to manage without too much help, trying to be independent with my condition is difficult but I struggle on. Anyway, I would like to say it all worked out fine and great thanks to everyone on this list with encouragement and help with my decision in making my mind up over my old TH5mk2 to my new Steppir 3 ele w 30/40m. I now have my ultimate station Collins S-line and Steppir.  Also thanks to Ron of Vine antennas who has been marvellous and who supplied me with the antenna. 

73 Max M0GHQ

Tnx for the good work.. Very fine antenna, been testing and very pleased with it.  Never had a Front to Back like this. very impressed

Marco PE2MC (SteppIR 3 el)

Thank you for this great service and all the information you gave me. I shall sure tell people what a great service you gave me, and will sure buy more things from you if I need them

Didier ON8VK (4 el SteppIR)

Many thanks for your hospitality on my visit, I have finally got the 3el Steppir up at 13m AGL on the end of 34m of LDF 4-50, after some problems with my mast seals. I have also fitted the 6m and 4 m passive elements, it tunes perfectly on all bands and performs brilliantly. Originally I had a 5 el Tennadyne LP on HF, 4el 6m and 5 el 4m beams. I measured several UK beacons and they are all stronger on the new system by 3- 6 dB on 6m and 4m, presumably the closely nested separate vhf beams were interacting too much. On HF I have worked everything heard in one or 2 calls- so can't complain. The 180 deg reversal is great for time saving as there is little need to turn the beam round more than in a 180 degree segment.

Best regards - Andy G4EZT (3 ele SteppIR)

Thanks for very rapid delivery and for your help before purchase. You seem really interested in giving the customer all the options and not just taking their money. I called the "ISO 9001 registered company" and they just wanted to shift what they had in stock. I bought an Emtron amplifier from a friend a few years ago. It was originally bought from the "ISO9001 registered company" and they werent interested in servicing it when I had a problem. I have a friend with a 12-year old Alpha91b you sold and he said you serviced it last year despite the age of the unit. Customers are too often taken in by a slick sales patter and dont ask the right questions about being supported afterwards. Compared to dealing with the bullshitting box-shifters your operation is so refreshing.

G1ABU (Expert 1K-FA)

My SteppIR is in and I just finished putting it into the tower. Thanks you so much for the great delivery, it is working wonderful no problems so far. I connect everything and it works in one time!!!!  So happy,  sorry for the phone calls but I only had today to put it up thatís why I was hoping for the delivery on time...Make my first Qso with W2YP NY, 9+15..... OK !!!! 73 and hope to meet you sometime.

A happy customer PD9JO.

 I did have a slight problem with the DB-25 plug that plugs in to the controller. Basically I wired it backwards which then blew the driver board on the controller.... So a quick call to Vine Antennas and the problem was sorted. They sent me a brand new driver board and a new stepper motor just to be on the safe side.

 Wayne M1WML  3el Steppir

 Hello out of Germany after I used various amps, can only say I that no the quality of the ACOM1000 reached. Fast tuning, stable components and an absolute quiet in the Shack. Forgets all other amps. A more special thanks to Ron of Vine Electronics in England applies to the good deliberation


Just do it BUY it you wont be sorry you will be like me so PROUD to own one..NOT to forget VINE ANTENNAS GREAT SERVICE & GREAT DEAL.....

 G6TMG (Expert 1KFA)

I bought mine from Ron at Vine Antenna Products who has great experience and knowledge...his company won't sell any rubbish or bluff you...The ACOM 1000 IS WITHOUT DOUBT THE BEST AMP I have ever used


 I'm back on track ... thanks to VINE UK. Mister Ron is a fine gentlemen, he understand business and service like no one else. After I emailed him I had bad repairs done by Acom Service center at Difona Germany (read former reporting) he told me no time to lose and suggested to take the faulty one back and promised me a new one. Yesterday the new Acom arrived and I immediately gave it a 'kick in the ass' test drive. Ran it almost 10 hours at full power and all was back as it should be, GREAT ! I now hope that my worries are over, I've been of the first 50 users and I still believe this is a great product, like I told before, also a Mercedes Benz can have a problem. So I'll wait another 6 months to report on things, but only the Acom service from VINE UK deserves a big "5".


 Supplied by Vine Antenna Products U.K. Outstanding service, delivered in less than 24hours after ordering! Comes with two year warranty


Only had it for three days and in spite of conditions not being all that great, have worked some good DX on CW. For some reason it would not key from my Yaesu FT1000D, perhaps one needs to do more than just connect a line from "TX Ground" on the FT1000D to the "KEY IN" on the ACOM 1000. Changed it over to the FT1000MP and Bingo all worked FB. Had super service from Ron at Vine.


 Easily the best amplifier I have ever owned. I purchased it from Vine Antennas and they provide great after sales service. I had a small issue with mine and Ron was fantastic and getting me up and running.


 Hi, had one of the original models but sold it and went off air for 2 years, then got back into the hobby, purchased an Ameritron AL800 amp, not so much a noisy amp, more like a motor bike, went to Vine Antenna's and ordered a new Acom 1000. Can now hear my FT2000 when using the amp. Save yourself a lot of distress and purchase this amp. It really is the best out there and the reliability is second to none

 ACOM1000 purchaser

 Yes, the fan is a bit noisy but Vine Antennas solved the problem on their units. I mailed them for details and within a few minutes (!) I got a detailed description with pictures, etc. This is unprecedented customer service! Mni tnx, Ron!
HB9ANM (ACOM 1010)

 The buying experience, truly perfect. Ron at Vine Antennas (www.vinecom.co.uk) made this a superb experience. Despite arriving late (I said 5pm, and actually arrived after 5:30pm, there was no rush to "make the sale". A welcome coffee and demonstration of the equipment and how to use was given with a pleasure followed by a general chat where advice on other aspects of radio was given. A true gent.


 Bought mine second hand and had to get the front panel replaced. The UK importer (Vine Antennas) are really good to deal with and very prompt at returning the amplifier.


I received the shipment of the matched pair of GU74b tubes very quickly  and was able to get them into the amp this morning.  Everything works great!  Many thanks for the great service and quick shipment -  73, Tim Rife KK9T

 Although it's some time ago we last were in contact, I would like to inform you that both OZ2A(BigIR) and I have been operating both the vertical, since primo July, and the 3 el. SteppIR since 3rd of September, they are both working according to specs. and we are both very happy with the performance of the antennas (John Ravn OZ2J)

I envy you guys in the USA having a companies like SteppIR and DX Engineering where you can order products without the expensive carriage and import tax we have to pay over here. However we have Vine Antennas (the SteppIR agent) where the owner gives out  unbiased information and superb after sales service, unlike some of the cardboard box shifters who retail Amateur gear. (Ted Badger, G3OZN -  SteppIR BigIR antenna)

Thanks once again to both Stan (ACOMís Service manager) and yourself for the excellent support. (Brendan EI6IZ re ACOM1000 service issue)

Just have received the tubes now. Thanks a lot for the great service. Best regards and Merry Christmas and the best for the 2009. Jose EA3AGP (Alicante, Spain- GU74Bís)

I received the tubes and look to be in good shape. They will go on the shelf knowing that I now have spares which will keep my Acom running longer than myself. Thanks for the professional means of doing business with your test setup etc. Seems there are others selling tubes with poor credentials.

 73,s Steve K1IIG (GU74Bís)

Good morning ,

 The post has arrived and with it, your well-packed parcel with two  12" rods. Many thanks for such a rapid response.   I really do appreciate the  speed....Regards and best wishes for Christmas and 2009.

 John G4KLA (Custom parts for 70cm antenna)

 Received tubes today....thanks. The output with 60w drive is now 1800-2000 with 60-62w drive, all bands. With old tubes I could only get about 1300 at that drive level and same bias /screen v settings. Best wishes for the new year 2009...I will gladly recommend your service to any that come my way...

 David Kepkay MD, VE7KS (GU74Bís)

Seriously Ron, thanks for all your help.  You saved me from getting myself into deep **** with my antenna decision and I am very grateful.  If you ever want to quote me as a reference to your honesty and integrity please feel free. Denis MW0CBC/GW8OQV (4el SteppIR)

 Just letting you know I received the winch today and was pleasantly surprised to see it as you said it would be the 23rd when you would have your hands on it. Thanks again for your great service,i t means a lot to have someone you can rely on (Joey McGoldrick, Northern Ireland)

 The new band change knob arrived safely this morning Stan (at ACOM). That is really excellent service from both Acom and Vine and I thank you very much indeed.- Peter Day G3PHO (ACOM1010)

 Thanks for your part in getting this organised.  I'll be in touch regarding further orders (rotator, antennas) once I've made progress in getting the tower in place, and I'm delighted with the tower itself - can't wait to get it up and into use, though that will be a few months away.  Am just taking things a step at a time. - Martin Hall Ė GM8EIM (Radiostructures tower)

Just to say the new unit seems to be working fine, many thanks for swapping it out.  I wonder if a certain ISO9001 firm would have given the same "no quibble" service? (Alasdair Campbell, Shrewsbury)


Thanks indeed for your FB service (ACOM1000). 73 de Jo, YC0LOW

Hello Ron. The driver came to me this morning to 8 hours. It's perfect. Thank you very much for your professionalism, your availability, your communication. Sorry for my bad English.

Best regards Chris F5SXD  (ACOM 1000).

 Just to inform, that the linear arrived all right in less than a week. Thank you for the good service!

73's Pekka, OH2TA (ACOM1000)

 Thanks for your professional and very quick help. This is an example how all HAM shops should work but...I have only good experience with Vine. Regards

Guido ON4BAG

I would like to thank you for your help on phone. I rung about  Acom 1010 amp .I had a talk and decided to buy the Acom 1010. I got it next  day and unpacked, let it stand for 2 hours. Then linked it up to my Kenwood TS670. Switch amp on, let it warm up as stated till green light stop flashing. Set load and tune with the chart in manual. Put 20watts from TS870 just tweeked tune for forward power then load till green light came in middle and away I went. So easy to tune up. What a great amp, I am over the moon with it. Money well spent. If anybody wants a good amp buy a Acom. Thanks once again Ron AT VINE Ė Roy Bray  G0OYZ

 I wish to thank you once more for your kindness and efforts in order to solve my problems, and I seriously think I could not expect any similar attitude from any of other HAM dealers I know of. I am so glad to find out there are still people in amateur community who did not forget the traditional "HAM-Spirit" and don't have just the financial benefit on their mind ! I have heard a lot of good opinions about yourself as HAM- dealer, but I couldn't imagine one could be going so far with understanding of user problems and feelings, and do its best to help. So, thanks again, hoping to contact you soon on the air .

 73 QRO, Radi, F6GNZ

 I have received the amplifier today. It works very well, exactly as as specified. Many thanks for the very fast shipment.

 73, Vincent G0LMX

 THANK YOU for a real good service it is nice to see from a company.and speaking of service I will hold onto packing for future transportation. All the very best and THANKS once again.

 73 Keith G0FDJ // G6NVC..

 I ordered an Acom 1000 from you on Monday. The item arrived safely on Wednesday and has seen action on the bands today, allowing me to work ET, 6Y and a genuine W6 with ease. The product is superb, amazingly easy to operate and took mere minutes to install.  Many thanks for your fuss-free and rapid service, and for stocking such a tremendous product.

Best regards, M0TTB Andy Bright - Watford ĖEngland

 Ron, Amp and SteppIR 6m parasitic arrived OK Tuesday. Will give the amp a shakedown this week end. Thanks for the great service.

73 de Paul G4AFU.

 Dear Sir

I would like to take this time in to telling you what a great antenna that I have received from you. The Force 12 C3SS is a super antenna well made easy to put together and better than any other mini beam ant that I have ever had. I was starting to loose interest in the hobby with another well known mini beam (MA5B-worst of them all) in poor build quality and being able to contact anywhere other than the next door, with this antenna is still at the same height of  6 me above the gnd and the first contact I made was into the USA at 5-9 - cant be bad for 10watts as a M3. Since it was put up I work all stations that I can hear that has resulted in 15 new countries worked in only 4 weeks now that I am a 2e0 call. 50watts and this antenna the world is easy. This antenna is well worth the cost and the fun thanks again for this and also a good and easy firm to do business with

many thanks

 Kris Aird 

 Hello Ron

Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with the new antenna. (SteppIR yagi) It has lived up to all my expectations so far. Had it up on the tower for three weeks now. Thanks for your help and persuading me to buy when I did, as I note the large price hike recently!!! (Sorry Jeff but exchange rates are unfortunately something we can do nothing about) Best regards

73 Jeff  GW4AYJ

Got the filters! tnx a lot Ron, a pleasure to do business with you. Best regards,

Miguel Martins CT1IUA

 I bought an ACOM 1000 amp. from you about 2 years(?) ago. When I collected it, I asked about air transport and you said it could be separated into 2 roughly equivalent weight components for carriage. I'm afraid I've forgotten how you suggested this was done! Can you refresh my memory please? (We were pleased to Ė of course!) Incidentally the amp has proved superb operationally - despite combatting an occasional high VSWR on experimental antennas! Excellent piece of kit & so simple to use.

 Graham M0AEP

 I bought a M2 2M12 from you a few months ago. Been up and being operated on for about as long. I am a new amateur and I have started contest on 2m for the last few months. My antenna is absolutely spectacular blows away anything else in its class and is well built. We are now 2nd in the 2m UKAC partly due to your excellent antennae and service. I wonít hesitate to deal with you again and I felt strongly after 3 months of testing that the antenna is the best thing since sliced bread. J. Keep up the good work! Thanks again for the good honest reliable service! David - M0NUT

I have been planning to get in contact with you for a while with regards to my Acom 2000A. It was purchased from you brand new in January 2001, and has been with me now for over 8 years, both in the UK and Bahrain. Operators in Bahrain were really impressed by the build quality and relaxed performance, (as I am), I received many emails from real dx stations saying they had tried to break through the many huge RTTY pile ups without success, and could I look out for them during future operations? The cooling fan is whisper quiet, and when I took the lid off to remove the transformer prior to transporting it back to the UK, I found it spotlessly clean inside, despite its use in one of the dustiest and most inhospitable environments in the World, the air filter had done a remarkable job in stopping all dust etc entering the unit. The Acom 2000A is truly the most remarkable piece of radio kit I have ever seen or used, I hope and pray that it will perform in the same manner after ten or more years of use.

 Best wishes,  John   -   GM6TVR  /  GM0FQV

It was straight foreword to assemble, spot on in tune (once I remembered to attach the balun to the DE). - Martyn - G0THY (4N6 duobander)

Well, I received my ACOM 1010 yesterday and what a ride, It works like a champ, I have never hade an amplifier like this. I cant wait for all the dxing I will do , Thanks very much for your very good service and support, I will recommend you on the Swedish ham forums.
Best regards - Per-Anders Blom, Sweden 
The parcel arrived this morning in perfect conditions... very nice and fast delivery!
I do not have too much elements to express any kind of opinion about the ACOM 1010 right now... but I can only say that it is wonderful! The design in very ok, leds are a pleasure to look at! I am testing it on 20 meters and I can load 600W with about 60W drive: it is enough for almost everything! The TRI tuning device is really nice and helpful; with a little practice you can tune in 5-10 seconds!
I will send you later some reports about this machine. But first of all I'd like to thank you for the highly professional service to your customers and for your great work! You'll be highly recommended on Italian forums and ham talkabouts!
Best 73s 51s de tony, IZ3ESV

I just thought that you would like to know that the Palstar AT2K tuner has arrived safely at my QTH a day earlier than estimated. I have just finished "plumbing" it in and am now getting ready to give it a test drive on my homebrew doublet. Thank you for your usual high standard of attention and customer service ...

Andrew Bennett G0HSA

The goods arrived today in a perfect condition. Very well done service and shipping. I was able to install the power module, and run it in very few minutes! Thanks again for all your service. Since now, another happy customer ;-)
Best regards, Fulvio HB9DHG

Motor arrived well in Belgium. Will try to mount it this weekend (for the moment a lot of rain here) Many thanks for your prof help
Regards ON4BAG Guido, a HAPPY VINE customer

I have used many antennas in my long time on the air, and I have to say that the SteppIR BigIR is the best of them. I have been particularly impressed with the performance on 40 and 30M, where I have worked many VK and ZL stations. Morris Smith G3TRV

It easy to tune, I am delighted - Greetings OZ1DSD / Mogens (ACOM 1000)

Got the winch this morning.... beautifully wrapped too!!!    It's already on the tower with the new cables and I'm very well pleased. Thanks for the excellent service.
 73 de Bren G4DYO

 I am very happy with the Amp.& the Eagle 6elem.6mtr. antenne I bought last year.
Ron thank you very much for your help - Finn Rasmussen OZ8FR

Good morning. I have experienced your good service many times before but still I was surprised when I found the package this morning so soon after my order.
 Thanks very much my friend !!!!
  73, Matt SM6DHU

The beam (Eagle 4M4DX) arrived this morning. Very impressively engineered. The proverbial battleship comes to mind! I just put my analyser on it it it's spot on. I hope to get it up in the air over the weekend.
Dave G4OER

Ho Ron

Dipole up and running no problems (SWR 1.2 across band with tuner in), worked around Europe, best DX so far EA9. Thanks for all your help, really glad I got in touch with Vine (custom built 6m rotary dipole)

Richard M0RBG

Your fast delivery, and service you give is the reason why I've bought from you in the past, and the reason why I will in the future. The personal service you give is a far cry from what the big dealers give. Thanks again. Yours sincerely. Darran Drake M0DAZ

I can't believe how good this antenna is, I am frequently busting pileups,
just worked JO7CVU 5/7 - re 3 el SteppIR - Cliff G3UYN

WOW that was fast!... not expecting it to SHIP until today and it ARRIVES today!!! - K9RX re GU74b pair.

Thanks for supplying a great 6m antenna (6M7JHV) - MM0BQN

Just a quick e-mail to let you know the radio has arrived (~11.50). From order to delivery in less than a day (and to Northern Ireland). It just does not get any better than that, excellent as always. Thanks again.
Regards, Colin, GI0RQK

Thanks again, first class service -:) -  Benny Mieritz OZ7EN (SteppIR parts for an antenna not bought from us)

It's Monday at 2000z and the tubes just arrived. Amazing service, thank you! Will plug them in and verify operation within the next few days....they are "spares" for my good set that are already in the amp. - 73, Steve K8EJ

Just FYI, managed to work JA on 6 this year using your prototype 6/4M (3+4) antenna, brilliant. 73 Tim M0AFJ

Re 6M5LFA - I'm well pleased so far, swr flat, pattern much sharper and f/b is superb. Still have the power line noise so cant really tell what the noise floor is like until that gets fixed (Tony EI7BMB)

The antenna arrived here today by TNT. Had a look at it now and it is a nice piece of antenna :) Morten - LA9DFA - re  Eagle 4M6dx

Many tnx for speedy service.  What a great bit of kit this is!! 73 Dave G0AIX (AIM-4170)

The rotator (PST641) is so much quieter (than the Yaesu it replaced), the control box, whilst looking a little utilitarian is certainly quieter and when interfaced with HRD V5 is an absolute delight. I never thought I'd get so excited about a rotator! Great stuff, very happy. Best regards, David G4JZS

Just to let you know that your custom-made interface cable for my TS-2000 and the ACOM 2000a works flawlessly. Another satisfied customer. ;-) Thanks for all your support. 73 de HB9DHG Fulvio

The new Expert amp arrive yesterday afternoon, all in perfect condx. It works like a Rolls-Royce, what a amp!!!! Many thanks for what you did and the great service -  Loet PJ2LS

It's always a pleasure doing business with you. Fast response as always. Please proceed to ship me the items.....
 - Philip Psiloinis 5B4ZN

I hope everything ok on your side, here all ok, and enjoying the 70 Mhz,  finally I caught some ES and also worked some other via meteor Scatter,  so your 4M6dx antenna is doing excellent job for me. Biel EA6DD

Thank you! Impeccable service as always (you may quote me on that!) - Joe Groeger G4XXW (re 6M6LFA)

Thanks  as always , best service on this planet !  Have a great day ! 73/ Jorn OZ2HT (post-sale advice about SteppIR interface connections).

Just a quick message to say many thanks for a really great service and fast turn-around on my SteppIR controller, I have everything hooked back up, and so far all seems well, again many thanks for an excellent service, Regards, Pat EI5IF

Installed new tube in my unconvential, high efficency amplifier, works fine,   output 1.1 kW P.E.P . This valve is no longer available here. The stuff advertized on e-bay is junk. Thanks + 73, Walter, K1YZW, G3DCU (GU74b)

Just dropping you a line and a second thank you for the 6m Moxon that you supplied along with all the bits & Pieces I needed to go portable with.  It takes around 5 Minutes to set up from scratch & the moxon fits in the car without having to dismantle it. The 6m Moxon is a sure winner. First time I tried it I got to the states several times and I am currently scoring highly in the 50Mhz UKAC championships (actually Top in 50m UKAC this month in the restricted section) The service is always excellent and I would not think about shopping anywhere else. Kindest regards David M0NUT

 It was a pleasure to do business with you. Thank You very much. I can recommend you to all my friends, actually no need because they
already know you. Quality products and quality service. Have a nice weekend. Tnx! 73 Ari OH6MW

Received the IC-7000 and AH-4 yesterday afternoon. I have got it all up and on air today, I need the weekend at work to read the
memory instructions etc. Thank you for the superb service that you and your company offered and I certainly will pass on your good name. Probably see you at a rally.  73 Stan G4XRO


Its nice to know there are still honest dealers!! and you certainly are one of the few . Please feel free to use this in your customer comments. I think people should know and and have confidence to deal with such a honest company. Thank you - Kind regards .   
John G0TIY  (We think it is very sad that what we consider normal service has to be considered unusual by customers)

Thanks very much for the amplifier, all is working well. I am very pleased with the unit, I have to keep checking its there as there is no noise clicking etc compared to my previous amplifier. The USA stations were giving me very good reports Sunday evening which was the first time I got to go on air as I was busy with other commitments but results are looking good. Thank you very much for a great service.

Kind Regards Steve G4ZWY (ACOM1000)

 Mistakes happen, but what is really impressive is the speed with which you put them right. As for the 33v psu, thanks for the e-mail. I have  received an e-mail from USPS so it should reach me soon. (David G3FPQ)

Acom arrived Wednesday afternoon, WONDERFUL !!! DHL works perfectly, very kind and professional. At my house I have a mains voltage more than 240 volt and the amp works well, even more than 1100 watt !!! Many thanks again and best wishes from Sicily Island

73,  Alf.  IT9MUO

Arrived safe and sound Monday morning, all installed and working brilliantly...thanks for usual super service...all the best, Al. (G4DJZ - 3 el SteppIR)

Received the amp (ACOM 1010) this afternoon thanks for such prompt service could not be better. Have taken it out of box now just looking at it very nice indeed. Certainly puts many others in the shade English tin box and American. Thanks once again Chris Wren G8UCZ.

Excellent tool! Thank you very much for all. Regards - Dimitris Kalogeras - Greece

I received the IC-910H radio package on Tuesday and have been playing around with it since, everything works okay and I feel very comfortable in operate it, no DX yet but it will come. A big thanks for your service, its a real pleasure to do business with you. I will need a IC-2820 so I'll get back to you in may when the outdoor/mobile period starts (we still have snow here) Take care Per-Anders SA6ADJ

More from Per-Anders (yes he bought the IC-2820!) - I have nothing but praise for you, and your customer service is the best (by

Thanks for the reply. Regardless of possible forecast exchange ratebetween Euro and GBP, your willingness to communication and customer satisfaction is the best guarantee for a future purchase. P.S.: sorry for my bad English. Tnx, Camillo, IZ6GVC 73s! (Camillo - your English is just fine - you should try my Italian - 73 Ron / GW3YDX)

Thanks very much for the 4m6DX which arrived very quickly. I found it very easy to assemble and fit to my mast. The F/B is impressive. I've worked six new countries in the last two weeks. Thanks very much.
Tony G3PFM

Again, thanks for all your help over the years you offer a great service and long may it last. 73's Dave G3SBP (Unfortunately Dave is downsizing and leaving the hobby).

I never doubt on you and your antenna's. But you have still surprised me. The 6M5DX, which I bought from you few months ago, works  EXCELLENT, and I mean this, really and with the capital letters. Whatever I heard, I worked, no linear so ever, just barefoot - 100W, and with superb antenna. There was an opening couple of times, I have had 51 new DXCC counties from since (44 in two days - 24/25.5.2010). 6M5DX was in the air on 24.5.2010. I just have tasted the flavour of the magic band, hi.

Also, the SWR is FLAT (1:1,0) from the start of the band till 50,200; on 50,250 is SWR 1:1,1 and on 50,500 is still superb (1:1,3). I can go all the way up to 52,000 and plus, the SWR is below 1:3 (1:2,5). Antenna is approx. 40' high.

And all this with NO ATU. Furthermore, no TVI's and other crap, no neighbor's problems, nothing, hi. Assembly of antenna is easy, peace of cake.

I am very pleased, and I will (actually, I am telling already) tell the guys on the bands about it (many already know for it, as soon as I mentioned the Vinecom and 6M5DX EAGLE). Dusan, S52DD

I'm just sitting in my study listening to s9+ signals on my biggir! I've installed the interface cable to the HF transceiver and it works very well. I've had  to adjust the element lengths for every band but that is to be expected as it's about 3 ft from trees. However I'm very, very pleased with the biggir and also the service from yourself. That was the fastest turnaround I've ever had! I can't offer club class
seating or the jump seat on one of my flights but I will buy you a few drinks from the bar!!! Now got to get the very rusty CW back up to speed....Many thanks, Gavin GM0WDD

Again, we are very pleased by the way You respond to our cry for help. Its a matter of hrs and we get a reply, this is really something the other guys around should learn from. I think it would have a direct link to their sales curve..... Price is one thing....service is just as important if not more and I think you have found that. Thank You!  (Hugo LA4WKA)

I only wanted to let you know that I?m very happy with my 3 elements SteppIR. It is standing on the roof now, and its working perfect!
Have a nice evening. 73, Arie from the Netherlands - PD1ANF


Glad to let you know the ACOM 1000 arrived safely in my home address, today. The carton box is not opened, yet. But, to my believe, the package is in good condition. Nice to do business with you, Ron. Tnx es 73 de Jo, YCōLOW

Thank you for nice delivery. I got my PowerMaster today in to the front door! That is what I call service. Tor OH2BV

Amp (ACOM1010) came this afternoon set up and working this evening works spot on. I cant thank you enough for the wonderful service that you provide many many thanks once again.       Roger G0MWE 73

As you know, I ordered yesterday and the cable arrived today. It seems to work fine! Cracking service from Vine, again! All best 73 - Tony Prior G4UWW

The amp (ACOM1000)  Arrived here in Akureyri yesterday and I have connected it to my station and tested it and all is working ok. Nice piece of equipment. Thank you for your good service. 73 from Iceland. Billi TF5B

Thanks for the rapid shipment of my new IC-7410. You were the only retailer who was willing to give me a deal at less than RRP, in fact your deal was amazing. I'm very delighted with the radio and (yet again) with your helpful service. Roger G0MWE


The Acom 1000 arrived today, had to re-arrange a few things on the desk, itís a little bigger than the FL2100z itís replacing! Such an easy beast to use, pressed it into service and smashed the pileup for ST0R on 17m! Promising start. Thanks for all your help, and superb service. Best regards. Simon G7TPL

Just to say thank you for the excellent service I received with my recent purchase of an ICOM IC9100  HF/VHF/UHF transceiver. It`s great to talk to somebody who returns a telephone call and know what the customer wants! I have an ICOM IC7600 and I find the IC9100 is up to the same standard. It is very sensitive on VHF/UHF. The on the air performance is superb and I am getting rave reports on the BBC audio quality, the microphone in use is a Icom SM-20. Your service and price is as good as it comes again many thanks Dave G3MWV   

What fantastic service you have provided once more.  My new board for the SteppIR arrived today in the afternoon post.  25 hours and it was here on the Island.     I installed it and switched on.....   Everything is back to normal and as it should be. All elements extend and retract to the commands.  It's a great feeling to know I have a company like yours just a phone call away, who go out of their way to sort out problems no matter how complex they may be.....  Once again a big thank you for such prompt service. 73,     Doug. GD3RFK.   

I have receiving the SPE Expert 2K-FA in good order today. Total NO damage on the transport box.  May I thank you for the excellent cooperation and the trust that you have given me.
Regards - DESWERT Luc       R.a.s.  ON6DSL

The equipment arrived on Monday. Already tested it ; with 60 watts on input gives 1000 watts output. Liked very much, very good built quality, easy to operate and very low noise coming from the fan. Thank you, I am very satisfied. Wish a very good Christmas to You and Your Family. 73 Henrique CT1ISH

I have received the ACOM-1000 and I'm testing it now. All seems fine. Many Thanks for your excellent service. Very appreciated. 73 Paulo CS7ABQ

I had yesterday morning a look into my parcel controlling system and I found it just arrived in England. In the afternoon I was extremely astonished as You wrote me this e- mail, that my controller had arrived, was repaired and last but not least shipped back to me without charge within a few hours! A very amazing and extraordinary service from you. I can only say many thanks to you for this customer-friendly reply! Waiting with pleasure for the parcel!

73 Gerhard OE3GWC

Filter just arrived. Many thanks for a very fine experience with your company. Kind Regards. Alan. GW1MCD

Thanks, glad you found the problem so quickly. I will let you know when it has arrived. Your service is much appreciated! Thanks agn & 73 , Gert PA3AAV

I just wanted to inform you that I have received the Acom 1000 today and its working well =))) Thank you for very professional manner in the handling this purchase, it was a pleasure to do business with you. I wish both you and your family a very Merry  Xmas and a happy 2014.
73's & 51's
Your Radio Friend in Corsica ... Roy  104-ET-001 & 104-VOG-101

Thank you for the good service with my order for the Icom  7600 , item arrived safely  Friday morning , so far very favourably impressed.. 73 Tony G3KAG

DHL-Express brought me an amplifier in the 10:50 am local time and just finished a qso on 20 m. Thank you very much for excellent customer service. Everything was exactly as had been agreed.....73 Mika OH6NVC (ACOM 1500)

Just a short note to let you know that I am delighted with the amplifier. it is so easy to use and amazingly effective. The world really is my oyster now.      73, Mike M0ITI (ACOM1010)

I received my Acom 1000 today and I am delighted with it. It works extremely well with my HEXBEAM and is very easy to tune. Many thanks for the efficient and polite service. Regards and 73's     Peter Hyams GW4OZU

I  receiving the amplifier  (Expert 1K-FA) and its work very nice. Thanks  for the good service. - Gideon 4x1pf


Thank you for the returned SteppIR coil which I received last week. I installed it over the weekend, re-calibrated, and all seems to be working well. Great to be able to listen and work 80 & 40m again in an evening. A perfect example of excellent customer service!
Regards, Ray de G0VLF
Just to let you know that the Acom Linear Amplifier (1010) arrived at lunchtime today with all packaging etc in good condition.
I have spent most of the afternoon getting it installed and connected up, and am most impressed with the construction and general finish of the product. Not having used much valve equipment in the past I switched on with a little trepidation, but I needn't have worried as having read the instruction manual tuning this amplifier is simplicity itself. All in all I am very pleased with this great bit of kit. Many thanks for your kind attention during the purchase of the equipment. It is a pleasure to do business with someone who knows his products and values his customers.
Kind regards,
Phil G0CPJ


I took receipt of the Amplifier late last Friday.  The supply vessel from Cape Town did not kept to her sailing schedule Ė hence the late arrival in St Helena.  I am very pleased with the amp in every respect.  It was well packed, very attractive, not too big and yet not too small, just the right size.  I was very impressed with the fan, there is hardly any noise at all. I fired it up during the weekend with very good reports, despite poor conditions. Thank you for your wonderful service and I am looking forward to enjoy using the amp for a long time to come.
73s peter ZD7FT

Just to sing my praises Vine Antennas after purchasing my ACOM 600S linear.  Customer service and communication from Vine Antennas was excellent throughout the transaction which admittedly took some time after ACOM closed production for a whole month of summer holidays.  The amplifier driven by my ICOM IC 7100 seems a fantastic combination with excellent reports on the air and I am well pleased.  A minor issue related to delivery was dealt with in a friendly and effective way.  I would not hesitate to deal with Ron and Vine Antennas again.  Many thanks for excellent service.


73s de G4NUO