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The DB-36 utilises a 49ft loop driven element with a single feedline and no relay switching between elements. The end elements are only 39ft long. An optional 80m dipole may be purchased. The wire elements for the dipole run parallel to the boom and use the DB36 loop elements as linear end-loading for good efficiency.


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  DB36 DB36 with 80m option
Boom length 36ft / 10.97m 36ft / 10.97m
Longest element 49ft / 14.9m 49ft / 14.9m
Turning radius 26ft / 8.0m 26ft / 8.0m
Weight 160lb / 72.8kg 164lb / 74.4 kg
Windload 17.5sq ft / 1.63m 17.5sq ft / 1,63m
Wind rating 100mph / 160 kph 100mph / 160  kph
Power rating 3 kw 3kw 40-6, 1.5kw 80m
Freq coverage 6.8-54 Mhz 3.4 - 54 MHz
Control cable 16-core 24-core


  DB36 gain dBi DB36 front to rear
80m (with 80m kit) 1.35 n/a
40m 7.2 21
30m 8.2 18
20m 9.3 22
17m 9.9 27
15m 10.2 27
12m 10.4 21
10m 10.7 11
6m regular 4 2
6m with passive element kit 12.8 27

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