We provide a design and installation service for masts, towers and antennas.

We have installed both commercial and amateur radio antennas, on existing masts both fixed and crank-up, and designed many systems for customers. We are specialists in progressing installation work after storm damage, and have good relationships with most major insurance companies. We offer a custom service, installing the components you wish us to install, or a "turnkey" service where we do absolutely everything and you just switch your radio on and enjoy.

If you wish us to quote for an installation job, please contact us with the following details.

1. Type of mast, rotator and antenna required, and if you want custom or turnkey services.

2. Location of proposed installation

3. Photographs of the proposed site so we can assess site access issues, and issues such as nearby trees etc.

4. Any special considerations.

We are only able to carry out installation on property you own, or for which you have the landowners written consent.

Costs vary according to the nature of the job. This is specialist work. We are experts in it. Often we work in poor conditions and there is an element of risk and danger in any antenna installation. We will not work where there is any risk to our installation staff (electric cables, sharp railings, etc.) Our work often includes pre-assembly work for cables and putting together antenna parts in a workshop where we can do it faster and cheaper for you. This work attracts lower charges than on-site work. Our scale of charges for amateur radio customers is shown below.

1. Off-site work, design and preparation 40/hour

2. On site work, fitting and commissioning 50/hour per person

3. Day rate for up to 8 hours excluding travelling 350 per person

4. Half-day rate for up to 4 hours excluding travelling 175 per person

5. Travelling time from our base in North Wales, per hour 30 for up to two persons

6. Mileage charges @ 0.70 per mile.

7. Overnight stay if required - 60-100 per night dependent on location

Typically, a turnkey installation for a P60 tower, a rotator, 3 ele SteppIR and all cabling, would cost 700 plus travel and subsistence costs. This does not include laying the concrete base, or provision of a JCB or similar equipment for lifting on the day of installation. We normally request customers to organise these before we arrive on site, to avoid double site visit costs, although we can perform this work of course, at extra cost.

All charges are subject to VAT at the current rate.

Some radio amateurs think these charges are high. We invite anyone who thinks that to ask their local BMW agent for their hourly rate for the most basic service job. We are specialists and only years of experience allow us to offer such a high-quality and cost-effective service.

Our scale of charges for commercial and business customers is available on request.