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Moxon and Rectangles and GW3YDX Supermoxons from

We have built regular Moxon rectangles for 10, 6 and 4m and Supermoxons for 6, 4 and 2m.

These antennas are now available as production models. We will put more information on this website soon.

Regular Moxon rectangle (10m model shown) - designed by G6XN - Click here for more info

 Supermoxon (6m model shown) - designed by GW3YDX. Click here for more info

Just a follow up e-mail to let you know how happy I am with the 6 meter SuperMoxon.  Easy to assemby and installed at just 23 feet off the ground, I am routinely talking to a station about 175 miles away.  Reports are great and reception is twice that of an extended double Zep dipole 12 feet higher than the beam.  I have done a review, the first, on e-ham reviews.

Here's a few pictures in the attachments.  There is a 4 element 2 meter beam above it and I'm turning all of this with a light duty AntennaCraft TDP-2 rotor.

God bless,

Michael Baggett, ki5so