donwload filezilla download filezilla client donwload filezilla download latest filezilla download filezilla client download filezilla 3.2 download filezilla for windows download filezilla 64 bit download filezilla vista download filezilla exe download filezilla ftp software Options for SteppIR yagi antennas

 (see below for options description)

Antenna 33V PSU for control

cable over 60m long


Lightning protection





Remote driver


6m optional

ele kit

DB25 splice


40/30 dipole


80m dipole

adder kit

Connector junction box Surge suppressor Loop dipole truss kit
DB11 x x x x x no x no no x x  
Rotary dipole x x x x x no x no no x x x
2 el x x x x x x x x no x x x
3 el x x x x x x x x no x x x
4 el x x x x x x x x no x x x
DB18 x x x x x x x no no x x x
DB18E x x x x x x x no no x x x
DB36 x x x x x x x no x x x x
DB42 x x x x x x x no x x x x

33V PSU - for control cable runs between 60 and 100 m. Above 100m use of the remote driver board with Cat 5e cable is recommended (see Remote Driver Board below).

ALP lightning protection. Relay switching protection against discharges via board in SDA 100 controller.

Transceiver interface - When connected to your radio automatically changes element lengths as you tune the radio within a band or change bands.

Tuning relay - Inhibits transmit during antenna tuning process

Remote driver board - optional board for long cable runs. Uses Cat5 e cable out for up to 2000ft cable runs. Needs power source near antenna.

6m optional ele kit. Adds extra elements to improve performance on 6m. eg converts 3 el to 4 el, converts 4 el to 6el on 6m.

DB25 splice - Solderless option for controller end of control cable.

40/30 dipole kit - Adds 40/30 rotary dipole option to 2/3/4 ele yagis.

80m dipole adder kit. Adds 80m rotary dipole to DB36 and DB42

Connector junction box - an easier way to connect the control cable at the antenna. Also has plug and socket arrangement for testing.

Surge suppressor - external to controller, surge suppressor for protection against lightning and static events.

Loop dipole truss kit. - Allows tensioning of loop elements. Helps level loops against other elements for better appearance.


Ask us for pricing and more details of any of the above.