donwload filezilla download filezilla client donwload filezilla download latest filezilla download filezilla client download filezilla 3.2 download filezilla for windows download filezilla 64 bit download filezilla vista download filezilla exe download filezilla ftp software We are able to help customers with planning applications.

We give general advice about planning free of charge, but detailed preparation of planning applications is subject to our scale of charges, which is detailed below.

Customers will know that the planning process is pretty much a Post Code lottery, with a reasonable application in one council area being summarily rejected in another. We all know that it should not be like that, and we all feel that radio amateurs should have certain assumed rights to an antenna. However, this is not so.

We will tell you straight if your planning application is unlikely to succeed. However, we cannot guarantee the success of any application due to every council progressing applications in different ways, and having their own standards to judge them by. We can tell you that there is no national rule about accepted structures other than the General Development rules which allow for a structure up to 4m above ground level being permitted provided it does not exceed a certain percentage of the floor area of existing buildings. This percentage rule is unlikely to affect amateur radio planning applications. Contrary to the views of some "experts" on this issue there is no general rule to permit antennas at "roof height" or "ridge height" or "structures attached to the house" except in the case of TV antennas, but the permitted dimensions for those are very restrictive and of no real use to radio amateurs.

For customers who are serious about a planning application we would normally carry out a site visit and then make a recommendation. We can then subsequently prepare the planning application. We will also prepare appeals if required. Note - Our scale of charges does not include the fee for submitting a planning application. There is no fee for submitting an appeal. Given that in our experience many planning applications are rejected on other considerations than visual amenity (local land-owners interests, nonsense about "radiation hazards" etc), we always encourage customers to appeal. The appeal procedure takes the decisions away from those who may have an undeclared financial interest in the outcome of an appeal and is often the only fair part of the planning process.

Scale of charges.

1. Site visits (on-site time), and off-site preparation of planning applications and appeals - 45/hour

2. Travelling time from our base in North Wales, per hour 30

4. Mileage charges @ 0.60 per mile.

5. Overnight stay if required - 60-100 per night dependent on location.

Charges are subject to VAT at the current rate.