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Morsedirigent - twin lever paddle -- Einhebel 2 - single lever paddle -- Klein handtaste - straight key


Regarded by many as simply the best paddle ever made, the Morsedirigent (formerly Profi II) comes complete with tilt-open dust cover and connection cable. Large adjustment knobs for contact spacing and spring tension allow precision adjustment while preserving stability-- this paddle virtually never needs to be readjusted. Adjustments can be made by hand and there is no need to touch the locking screws. The contacts are convex, and gold plated. The hand-finished fingerpieces are shaped for maximum comfort while preserving precise control. The base, machined from a solid block of surgical-quality brass, is coated with a trade-secret polymer that resists wear, staining, and pitting over a lifetime of use.

At my own radio station GW3YDX, I managed with a Bencher iambic paddle for years. Then three years ago I attended a rally at Knock in EI, and Brendan Minish, EI6IZ, kindly put me up in his home. While I was there I had to operate his station - of course! Brendan had one of these paddles and although I had seen one, that was the first time I had used one properly. It seemed so easy to send CW, and despite having imbibed a few jars with Brendan, my code seemed pretty good despite that. I got back home and immediately bought one. The Bencher was on eBay shortly afterwards, and now I can quite often send quite reasonable CW due to the excellent quality. Other customer who now have the paddles all say the same thing - their CW has improved!


Just one of the complimentary reviews of this paddle we have received.

The paddle arrived a 10am today many thanks. Superb workmanship and just as you described on your web page. I've owned several keys over the years from mediocre to very good but this is superb. The finish is outstanding and it's much quieter than the more expensive Begalis. Finished messing about now, it's a keeper!

Thanks again for the service.
Best wishes,
Ron G3XOV.


Weight: 52.9 oz (over 3 lbs!).

Size: 5.5"x3.2"x2.3"

Morsedirigent paddle : £229.95.

Also available

Einhebel 2

Single lever version with centre pivot. Made to the same exacting standards, for those requiring a non-iambic key paddle

Einhebel 2 - £219.95

NEW !! - Kleine Handtaste

This little key is simply the best hand-key I have used in over 40 years of ham radio. The only key that comes near it is the Junkers hand key and this is better (GW3YDX - MD Vine Antennas) . Dimensions are only 1-1/2" X 4"

-- From our first customer for this key --

Just to say many thanks for the very prompt despatch of the key – ordered late in the afternoon and arrived the next day!
The key is certainly a surprise. For it’s small size you’d think it would jump all over the desk but it’s solid as a rock and amazingly responsive, with a nice crisp, light action that also feels snappy and taut. All in all it’s very impressive, with a very natural feel and excellent value for money compared to other options. I can see from your comments on the website that you’re also enthusiastic about it too.
You wouldn’t think there was so much variation between Morse keys given they’re just a sprung lever switch at the end of the day but the Kleine Handtaste certainly suits my fist, with an added bonus that it’s very portable. It compares very well with my much bigger, weightier Swedish pump keys which have a lovely “bounce” to them (Begali Blade and Hi-mound HK802). The only very slight niggle is that the minimum spring tension is ever so slightly too tight for me but I can live with that.

Alasdair M0UAL


Kleine Handtaste - £169.95