donwload filezilla download filezilla client donwload filezilla download latest filezilla download filezilla client download filezilla 3.2 download filezilla for windows download filezilla 64 bit download filezilla vista download filezilla exe download filezilla ftp software  Elevation Rotators

We offer elevation rotators from Prosistel.

The screwjack models have been discontinued and replaced with the unit in the picture.

Combined azimuth / elevation rotators also available - please ask for details.


PST2051E - elevation only - based on 2051, complete with controller
PST61E                           "                             61                 "
PST71E                           "                             71                 "
PST2051 az/el, based on 2051, two separate rotators complete with az/el controller .
PST61   az/el             "              61                        "
PST71  az/el             "               71                        "
PST-CS9 combo compact (one unit) rotator, based on 2051 with az/el controller

Please click here for details of the new AZ-EL combined controller for CS-9 unit, above

Please contact us for prices and further information