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    Azimuth - Elevation - Rotators & Accessories

We have been appointed UK agents for Pro.Sis.Tel, of Italy, who make very strong rotors with single or double worm gear drives. We can provide everything from the Pro.Sis.Tel range. My son and I  STOOD on the mid-range PST2051 and it rotated us quite happily. Then we put it in a vice and both of us tried to stop it from going around. NO WAY!

We've seen plenty of rotators here, and nothing even comes near the PST range in terms of performance, quality, and price.  What other units have ROLLER BEARINGS to support each end of the motor shaft ??? We have serviced rotators from just about every other manufacturer. These are the best.

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Azimuth Rotators - Comparison Table

Rotators - Why are some better than others?

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For rotator accessories - please see below on this page.


Rotator Accessories and options

Model Description Application £ (inc UK VAT) More Details
3" clamp for PST rotators Mast clamp Clamp to take up to 3" dia mast 99
PST-LMC Lower mast clamp set, PST641 and PST2051 75
GS-680U De-luxe thrust bearing On tower or mast to carry sideways forces at head unit. Up to 68mm tube. call  
GS-065 De-luxe thrust bearing On tower, or mast to carry sideways forces at head unit. Up to 65mm tube. call  
GC-036 Lower mast clamp for Yaesu rotors up to G-1000. Available in Blue or Green. To allow rotor to be fixed to pipe mast call  
GC-048 Lower mast clamp for Yaesu 2800 rotor. To allow rotor to be fixed to pipe mast call
5-way control 5-core rotator control cable. Runs up to 50m 0.80/m

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