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Versatower and Radiostructures lattice masts


 24 September 2009 - Francis and Lewis Ltd (FLI), the owner of the Versatower brand announced that from immediate effect no new orders for Versatowers will be accepted. Existing orders will be honoured. FLI do not plan to offer ongoing support for the radio amateur market. Support arrangements are unchanged insofar as Vine has been FLI's authorised sales and service agent for Versatower products in recent years. We will therefore continue to support the product as we have before. We have considered setting up our own manufacturing arrangements for these towers, but the current economic climate means we will not be doing this in the short term.

Stop press -22 April 2010 - Vine has purchased the ENTIRE stock of spare parts held by the factory. Please call us for your spares needs.



The Radiostructures range brings different modules and more economic pricing to crank-up tilt-over lattice towers.

 The standard section length is 6m/20ft.

Modular towers may be constructed using the standard sections. Please see the diagram below.

NOTE -Although the diagram might convey the impression that these are tubular masts, the diagram is to illustrate the flexibility of the modules. The towers are of lattice construction.

All Radiostructures towers use stainless-steel wire ropes and autobraked winches as standard. All are "Base Plate" mounting.

Rotator cages are available in two sizes. Standard for PST2051/Ham4 etc. Large for PST61/T2x etc. As standard

up to 65mm mast diameters can be accommodated. Other diameters to special order.

Prices - All models listed are "T" (Tiltover) but non-tiltover telescoping masts, and mobile masts are also available.

Prices include VAT but shipping is extra.

Standard series (20ft sections) -

includes base plate, foundation bolts, stainless ropes, rotator cage, and autobraked winches

Please contact us for prices.

Model Sections Height

raised m


BM12T Top & 2nd 12
BM18T Top, 2nd, 3rd 18
BM24T Top, 2nd, 3rd, 4th 24
BM30T Top, 2nd, 3rd, 4th , 5th 30

Mobile Towers

Currently there is a loophole in the planning laws which allows "temporary" structures to be exempt from the planning laws. For instance you will have noticed advertising boards at the side of motorways. Permanent roadside advertising is prohibited (thankfully) on motorways but you will see mobile adverts, always on trailers. Similarly, radio amateurs have used mobile towers to get around the planning legislation.

A good mobile tower is available for only a little more than the price of a top-flight transceiver, and can solve all those planning problems

TM40 - as BM12 above
TM60 - as BM18 above
TM80 - as BM24 above
TM100 - as BT30 above

Please ask us for prices.

Mobile towers include 50mm ball-hitch, outriggers, over-run braking, lighting board, autobraked winches. Trailer panniers available as an option.

BM18T loading data - Please ask for other models

Note - In the "Area of Headload" and "Windage" columns the first two columns are for floodlights and the second for tubular towers, eg

Area of headload for tubular antennas as 27 m/s is 2.35sq m / 25.3 sq ft.

Heavy-Duty towers

These may be heavy-duty based on a 4th section bottom section, or extra heavy-duty based on 5th section bottom section. For example BM18T/HD (16-1/2" 4th section at bottom, then13" 3rd section and 10" top section), with HD head unit BM18T/XHD (19-3/4" bottom section, 13" top section), with HD head unit.

 All towers include base plate, foundation bolts, stainless ropes, rotator cage, and autobraked winches

* Raised heights are nominal. To calculate exact raised height proceed as follows.

Bottom section is always 6m. Next section will telescope into it by 1.25m. 4.75m of the next section will then protrude. Continue the sequence until the top when the head-unit will add approximately another 1.2m. For example.

BM18 = 6 + 4.75 + 4.75 + 1.2 = 16.7m (approx 55ft)


Pictured below - Recent installation of RadioStructures BM18T at Matthew Philips G6WPJ. We gratefully acknowledge Matthew's kind permission for use of his images.


We show below a recent installation of a heavy-duty RadioStructures BM12T HD at Hugh Bradley EI9KF - Note - Tower has been locally painted green to assist with visual amenity issues.