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The SteppIR verticals are the most efficient way of implementing a vertical antenna on the HF bands. There are no traps, no linear loading, and no multiplicity of joints between traps and loading sections to corrode and become mechanically unsound. Customers can purchase the optional loading coil for the BigIR, which then allows operation on the 60 and 80m bands. For the SmallIR there are two optional loading coil. One adds 80,  60, 40 and 30m, the other 40 and 30m. The BigIr also benefits from 3/4 wave operation where on the higher HF bands the radiator can be set to 3/4 wavelength for added low-angle punch, rather than the normal 1/4 wavelength element. These options are of course available from the latest SDA100 controller. The verticals can be mounted in an elevated configuration with elevated tuned radials, or with a buried earth radial system. In both cases, SteppIR's magical remote-tuning system allows the length of the copper tape to be varied for best performance. For areas where there is great visual sensitivity, the copper tape can be retracted and all or most of the fibreglass element tube removed temporarily.

Small IR

Big IR

Loading coils

SDA 100 controller

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  Big IR SmallIR
Antenna length 33ft / 10m 18ft / 5.49m
Suggested number of buried radials (min) 20 20
Weight 15lb / 6.8kg 12lb / 5.4 kg
Windload 2sq ft / 0.19 m 1sq ft / 0.09m
Power rating 3kw 3kw
Freq coverage 6.9-54 Mhz 13.9 - 54 Mhz
Control cable 4-core 4-core

Additional data for coil options

  BigIR 80m coil Small IR 80m coil SmallIR 40 and 30 coil
Band 80, 60m 80, 60, 40, 30m 40, 30m
Power rating 1500W 500W (80/60) 1500W (40/30) 1500W
Dimensions 9.5 X 14 X 7" 9.5 X 14 X 7" 9.5 X 14 X 7"
Weight 4.5lb 4.5lb 4.5lb
Cable requirement Additional 4-core Additional 4-core Additional 4-core

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