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Just built and tested - Vine 2M9dx 2m high-gain yagi. Check our VHF antenna pages for more info



FT1000MP improvement kit.

NB - We now can offer a ROOFING FILTER kit to make the front-end even tighter.Click here for more details

The FT1000MP radio is an outstanding performer with excellent design. A number of users have, however, noticed background noise or hiss in the MP audio output. This noise is coming from the 8.215 MHz and 455 KHz IF stages. The front end gain is low and the RF noise cannot over-ride the IF noise.

A modification kit is now available to improve performance in this area. It adds a few dB gain after the 70.455 MHz IF amplifier and before the mixer to the 8.215 MHz filters. The gain at the lower frequency IF's is then reduced through a menu item, and the net result is a noticeable reduction in the annoying hiss and a reduction in the noise floor of the receiver of 2 to 4 dB. The result is a more sensitive receiver with a more pleasing sound.

Installation consists of plugging in a small board which mounts on to the MP's audio board. For the MkV and the Field units you will need to solder two small wires (supplied) to the board. It is very easy and any radio amateur should be able to do this without difficulty. All versions of the MP can be easily restored to unmodified condition if required.

We have been asked if the modification is difficult. The most time consuming part of the installation is removal of the many FT1000MP cover screws. Anyone who can fit a mains plug or solder two wires into PCB holes can fit this kit. If purchasers order the kit, and then feel hesitant about fitting it, we will refund their payment in full on receipt of the returned kit here.

The kits also work well with the new FT1000MP Mk V and the "Field". Make this excellent radio a stunner at low cost!


Measured performance (FT1000MP) is as follows

Noise floor unmodified, tuned mode, 7 MHz, 500 Hz filters   -128 dBm

    "            modified        "           "              "                         - 132 dBm

Noise floor unmodified, untuned mode       "                         - 135 dBm

    "            modified       "            "             "                         - 137 dBm

Dynamic range is improved by 1 to 2 dB.


A bonus mod is included which improves the sound of the main receiver audio on CW.

DIY kit (easy to fit board - no soldering required) price is £64.95 including post and packing within UK.

Please contact us if you would like us to fit the kit to your transceiver, (but nobody has failed to do it successfully so far!).

We have just received a large pot of Conductive Grease. This is specially designed for aluminium to aluminium joints (even says copper to aluminium in the specifications)

We sell this by the sachet. Each sachet is enough to do at least two large tribanders .

Price - UK postpaid - £7.50 per sachet

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